Avdyl S. Krasniqi, MD. PhD.

Avdyl S. Krasniqi, MD. PhD., Doctor, surgeon, doctor of sciences and professor assoc. He was born in Vranoc, Peja on May 12, 1951. He attended elementary school in Baran, while high school in Peja. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Pristina in 1976. After graduation, he was employed as a doctor in Klina and at the Occupational Medicine Dispensary in Novobërda. He completed his specialization in Surgery at “Rebro” University Hospital in Zagreb in 1982. At the same time, he continued his postgraduate studies. He then worked as a surgeon in the Department of Abdominal Surgery at the FMP Surgery Clinic. In 1990, he worked as a surgeon and manager of the private clinic “Poliklinika 1”, in Peja. During June-August 1998, he worked as a surgeon at the Field Hospital of the Kosova Liberation Army in Irzniq, Dukagjin area. From 2000, he worked as a consultant surgeon in the department of Abdominal Surgery at KKUK. As part of his professional development, in 1986 he stayed at the hospital of the National Cancer Center in Tokyo, Japan, training in clinical oncology. In 1994, he worked in the Department of Digestive Surgery in Su. Geneva, Switzerland. From December 1999 to May 2000, he was a clinical observer at King’s College Hospital, London. Then, in 2000, he stayed at Q.H Hospital, London. In 2001, he defended his doctoral thesis with the title: “Contemporary aspects of the intestinal anastomosis healing process with a special focus on operative technique” with mentor, Prof. Dr. Riza Bnishi. Engaged in the teaching process at the FMP Department of Surgery, since 1985. He was an Associate Professor of Surgery. He has published more than 40 scientific and professional works. Dr. Krasniqi has been part of social and political activities. During the years 1991-1993 he was elected Member of the Council of the Democratic League of Kosovo, then Advisor to the Prime Minister, and Member of the State Delegation of the Republic of Albania in several meetings of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe – Helsinki, Vienna, Copenhagen. He was also a member of the state delegation of the Republic of Albania at the Conference on the former Yugoslavia.


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