Fellowship Pledge

Recognizing that the Kosova College of Surgeons seeks to exemplify and develop the highest traditions of our ancient profession, I hereby pledge myself, as a condition of Fellowship in the College, to live in strict accordance with the College’s principles and regulations.

I PLEDGE TO PURSUE the practice of surgery with honesty and to place the welfare and the rights of my patient above all else. I promise to deal with each patient as I would wish to be dealt with if I were in the patient’s position, and I will respect the patient’s autonomy and individuality.

I FURTHER PLEDGE TO AFFIRM and support the social contract of the surgical profession with my community and society.

I WILL TAKE NO PART in any arrangement or improper financial dealings that induce referral, treatment, or withholding of treatment for reasons other than the patient’s welfare.

UPON MY HONOR I declare that I will advance my knowledge and skills, will respect my colleagues, and will seek their counsel when in doubt about my own abilities. In turn, I will willingly help my colleagues when requested. 

I RECOGNIZE THE INTERDEPENDENCY of all health care professionals and will treat each with respect and consideration.


Prishtina, Kosova

September 23, 2021


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