Honorary Members

Honorary Fellowship is dedicated to individuals who (a) possess an international reputation in the field of surgery or medicine, or (b) have rendered distinguished humanitarian services, especially in the field of medical science and (c) have contributed to the development of the Kosova College of Surgeons.
Thus, during each Clinical Congress, at the Opening Ceremony, the Honorary Members of that year of Kosova College of Surgeons will be announced.


The Kosova College of Surgeons has appointed for the first time its ten Honorary Members at the Opening Ceremony of the First Clinical Congress, on September 23, 2021.
Listed below are each of them, along with biographies and Honorary Membership acceptance speeches.
Honorary Members – 2022
At the Opening Ceremony of the Second Clinical Congress of the Kosova College of Surgeons, held on September 15, 2022, the twelve Honorary Members were announced.
Listed below are each of them along with brief biographies of their career and activities.


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