Course on Basic Education of Surgical Residents – Phase II

During 2023, eight of the ten modules of the Second Phase of the Course on Basic Education of Surgical Residents have been held.

In this phase, until now, about 80 residents have participated.

The last two modules, dedicated to caesarean section (Dr. Vlora Ademi Ibishi), as well as bladder and ureter injuries (Dr. Petrit Nuraj), will be held on January 11 and 18, 2024.

The 8 modules that took place so far are:

Dr. Halit Maloku: Contemporary treatment of abdominal wall hernias

Dr. Afrim Tahiri: Surgery of the esophagus and duodenum

Dr. Hysni Jashari: Acute abdomen in children

Dr. Brikene Dacaj Elshani: Ectopic pregnancy

Dr. Vjosa Zejnullahu: Ovarian surgery

Dr. Lindita Ibrahimi: Tubo-ovarian abscess

Dr. Dafina Mahmutaj: Ileus

Dr. Astrit Hamza: Colon surgery

Dr. Enver Fekaj: Rectal surgery

Dr. Valon Zejnullahu: Surgery of the cholecyst and bile ducts


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