Workshop: “Difficult Airway for Anesthesiologists and Surgeons”

About the Workshop

The “Difficult Airway for Anesthesiologists and Surgeons Workshop”, organized by the Kosova Airway Management Society (KAMS), marked the opening of the First Congress of the Kosova College of Surgeons (KCS).

A hybrid format was used for this meeting, with 8 faculty members and 738 participants, most of whom attended virtually. An interesting development came out of this workshop, where local surgeons learned airway management for the first time in Kosova.

The meeting agenda was comprised of 8 main topics, presented by experts from the USA: Prof. Rifat Latifi, Prof. Bellal Joseph and Prof. Mentor Ahmeti; from Turkey: Prof. Ayten and Prof. Tolga Saracoglu, Prof. Gamze Cabakli and Ruslan Abdullayev; from France: Prof. Vedat Eljezi; and Prof. Antigona Hasani from Kosova.

The topics covered all recent developments and most important parts of airway management including patients with Covid-19 (R. Latifi, V. Eljezi), new equipment (G. Cabakli, R. Abdullayev), airway management in special circumstances such as intensive care, emergency department, or pediatric population (A. Saracoglu, T. Saracoglu), surgical airway (M. Ahmeti), trauma management (B. Joseph), and nontechnical skills and cognitive aids during airway management (A. Hasani).

Overall, participants’ feedback was highly positive at the end of the meeting, which proved the objectives of the meeting, which were to improve technical skills with novel airway management devices in accordance with airway management guidelines, raise awareness among hospital managers about the importance of airway management devices and their supply, and to advance patient safety and quality

Finally, it is an important accomplishment to see that we, together with surgeons, are becoming more experienced and skilled in airway management every single day.

Abstract Book

Below you will find the Abstract Book, with 8 topics presented during the Workshop.

Libri i abstrakteve


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