Course on Basic Education of Surgical Residents – Phase 1

Kosova College of Surgeons, in cooperation with the Committee of Residents of our College, tomorrow will start the course on Basic Education of Surgical Residents – Phase 1, organized the course on Basic Education of Surgical Residents – Phase 1, based on the model of the American College of Surgeons.

Organizational and Supervisory Council:

Dr. Sadik Llullaku (Coordinator & Executive Director of the College);

Dr. Vlora Ibishi (Chairman of the Committee for Specialistic Education);

Prof. Dr. Sadri Bajraktari (Honorary Chairman of the Residents’ Committee);

Prof. Dr. Antigona Hasani (Chairman of the Committee for Students of the Faculty of Medicine);

Dr. Hajriz Rudari (Chairman of the EVP Committee);

Prof. Dr. Astrit Hamza (Head of the Department of Surgery);

Dr. Dile Rrusta (Chairman of the Committee of Residents).

Each of the 12 modules will be led by a specialist (who served as a mentor) and a resident.

Phase 1, dedicated to the basic education, includes 12 modules:

Module 1: “Asepsis and Instrument Identification” – Dr. Astrit Hamza & Dr. Zana Kutllovci (January 19, 2023);

Module 2: “Knot Tying” – Dr. Hysni Jashari & Dr. Hevzi Ademaj (February, 02 2023);

Module 3: “Suturing” – Dr. Liridona Guci & Dr. Dile Rrusta (February 16, 2023);

Module 4: “Wound Closure and Skin Flaps & Skin grafts” – Dr. Ylber Zejnullahu & Dr. Dile Rrusta (March 02, 2023);

Module 5: “Urethral Catheterization” – Dr. Bujar Frangu & Dr. Saim Gërxhaliu (March 16, 2023);

Module 6: “Ventilation/Ambu & laryngeal & endotracheal intubation” – Dr. Antigona Hasani & Dr. Fatlume Arifaj & Dr. Tringë Metaj (March 30, 2023);

Module 7: “Airway Management / cricothyroidotomy & tracheostomy” – Dr. Zgjim Limani & Dr. Etnik Bajraktari (April 13, 2023);

Module 8: “Chest Tube Insertion” – Dr. Bedri Osmani & Dr. Driton Tolaj (April 27, 2023);

Module 9: “Periferal, Central & & intraosseal line insertion” – Dr. Lulzim Hoti & Dr. Antigona Hasani (May 11, 2023);

Module 10: “Bleeding management in surgery”, “Arterial anastomosis”, “Blood products” – Dr. Lulzim Vokrri, Dr. Bukurije Zhubi, Dr. Fatmir Hajdari & Dr. Marigona Haziri (May 25, 2023);

Module 11: “Laparotomy Opening and Closure &  Basic Laparoscopy Skills” – Dr. Valon Zejnullahu & Dr. Astrit Hamza (June 8, 2023);

Module 12: “CPR / ACLS” (June 22, 2023)

More than 100 residents from various surgical fields are participating in the course on Basic Education of Surgical Residents – Phase 1.

There are 27 residents who achieved the goals of participation and successfully completed the test at the end of the activity. These residents from the Kosova College of Surgeons will receive the diploma for achievement from this course, while the Kosova Chamber of Doctors, depending on the number of modules, will also calculate the credit points.

The following tables show the names and the field of specialization of the participants in this course, as well as the residents in the function of lecturers.

The College sincerely thanks the lecturers for their willingness and cooperation during this phase, who contributed their voluntary work, without compensation. Also, we thank the Organizational Council and the Course Supervisors.


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