Dr. Peter Killcommons

Dr. Peter Killcommons, is founder and CEO of www.medweb.com, a developer of web-based Enterprise Telemedicine, TeleRadiology, and Virtual visit tools designed to optimize and enhance the efficiency and availability of specialty medical expertise by customizing medical informatics to work over conventional cellular and satellite networks. Dr. Killcommons, a trained Orthopedic Surgeon, holds international patents for creating the very first web based medical image archiving and display systems. He went on to expand that to multiple specialties including Dermatology, Pathology, Dentistry, and Critical Care monitoring.

As an expert facilitator and proponent of the Integrated Healthcare environment (IHE), a public standard for interoperability between hospitals and healthcare systems, Dr. Killcommons has merged the functionality of  existing medical imaging, labs, and medical record systems  with a Cellular phone based Surgical Pre-Op, Post-Op, and Rehab tracking system to allow surgical patients to deliver their pre-operative xrays, labwork, and pre and Post-surgical consultations over conventional cellular phone networks.

Dr. Killcommons, further expanded this capability by integrating a variety of Free or low-cost information systems into a secure Cloud Architecture that can be hosted by national healthcare systems to very inexpensively build enterprise, or even national solutions based on common standards.

These tools are now the fabric that many healthcare systems are using to build out their mobile and internet based healthcare initiatives. Dr. Killcommons has served as a member of the board of the American Telemedicine Association, as well as Industry council chairman, As CEO and founder of Medweb, his team has thousands of installations supporting millions of patients both in the US and internationally.

Dr. Killcommons also works extensively with non-government organizations to support extending healthcare into underserved regions of the world, including installations including the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, etc.


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