Hubert Hauser, Prim. ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. med.

Hubert Hauser, Prim. ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. med., is the President of the Austrian Society of Surgery and Head of the Department of Surgery, Graz II State Hospital. He is a Specialist in General Surgery and Visceral Surgery as well as a Specialist in Vascular Surgery and Intensive Surgical Medicine.

Dr. Hubert Hauser has an experience of more than 35 years of research activities in the field of pathology and surgery, especially surgical oncology with a focus on precancerous diseases, colorectal carcinoma, breast carcinoma, and soft tissue tumors as well as acute abdomen, as well as conducting clinical studies.

Dr. Hauser has published 113 original articles and review articles, 45 scientific book chapters, and over 250 scientific presentations at national and international congresses. In the capacity of the congress president, congress secretary, member of the scientific advisory board, and member of the organizing committee, he has organized numerous scientific events, meetings, and congresses. Since 1997, he is a court-appointed forensic expert for surgery and vascular surgery.

In addition to surgery, Dr. Hauser performs endoscopic and proctological procedures since 1987. From 1994 to 2014, besides the surgical activity at the Surgical University Clinic Graz, he performs visceral and emergency vascular surgery (especially severe intra- and extra-abdominal vascular injuries) at the Graz Accident Hospital, at the Graz University Women’s Clinic, and in the peripheral regional hospitals of Styria.  

Furthermore, he has fulfilled various organizational and coordinating tasks, at times also including the function of a deputy chief at the Department of General Surgery of the University Surgical Clinic Graz until leaving the Department in December 2014. Since January 1st, 2015, he is the Head of the Department of Surgery at State hospital Graz II and Head of the Breast Health Center Graz II.

Dr. Hubert Hauser has served as a training mentor for assistants and regular physicians for 5 years. He is a member of the European Society of Surgical Oncology, Member of the European Society of Endoscopic Surgery, Member of the German Society for Surgery, a Founding Member of the Austrian Coloproctology Working Group (ACP), KAGES Process Manager for Regular Medical Training, and regular medical officer at the University Clinic for Surgery (for more than 10 years), designer of a regular medical guide for surgeons, etc.


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