Dr. Abraham Fingerhut, MD, FACS, FRCPS (g), FRCS hon (Ed)

Dr. Abraham Fingerhut, MD, FACS, FRCPS (g), FRCS hon (Ed), is a distinguished surgeon and academician with extensive experience in gastrointestinal surgery and minimally invasive procedures. He currently holds multiple prestigious positions and appointments worldwide, contributing significantly to the field of surgery.

Dr. Fingerhut serves as the GuangCi Laureate Professor in the Gastrointestinal Surgery Unit of Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, and is affiliated with the Shanghai Minimally Invasive Surgery Center in Shanghai, PR China. Additionally, he acts as an Academic Consultant for the Gastrointestinal Surgery Unit at Ruijin Hospital, under the guidance of Professor MH Zheng. Dr. Fingerhut’s expertise extends further as an Associate Professor DSc (hon) and Honorary Consultant in the Section for Surgical Research at the Department of Surgery, Medical University of Graz, located in Graz, Austria.

Furthermore, Dr. Fingerhut holds the esteemed position of Professor at the Collège des Médecins des Hôpitaux de Paris, showcasing his extensive knowledge and recognition within the medical community. He also serves as an Honorary Consultant in the Department of Colorectal Surgery at the University of China Medical School in Tai-Chung and Hsinchu Hospital, both located in Taiwan.

With a remarkable scholarly impact, Dr. Fingerhut has amassed a significant number of citations, with 27 Dec 2022 recording 62,119 citations to his work. His h-index, a measure of scientific impact, stands at an impressive 85 (70 with Scopus), while his i10 index, reflecting the number of publications with at least 10 citations, is 229 as of 27 Dec 2022.

Dr. Fingerhut’s educational journey began at the University of Paris, where he earned his Medical Doctorate (MD) with honors in 1975. Prior to that, he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Organic Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA, in June 1961. His exceptional contributions to the medical field have been acknowledged through honorary distinctions, including Doctor Honoris Causa titles from the University of Graz (Austria), the University of China (Taichung, Taiwan), and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davil” in Bucharest, Romania.

As an accomplished author, Dr. Fingerhut has authored or co-authored an impressive collection of 723 articles, consensus statements, recommendations, guidelines, and book chapters in peer-reviewed journals and major textbooks. He is an esteemed Co-editor in Chief of Annals of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery, an international advisor for the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the editorial boards of several influential journals in the field of surgery.

Dr. Fingerhut’s impact transcends academia, as he has been actively involved in conferences and lectures worldwide. With over 1,050 appearances as a speaker, chairman, or organizer in national and international meetings, he continually contributes to the dissemination of knowledge in the surgical community.

Recognized for his teaching excellence, Dr. Fingerhut has taken on significant responsibilities in the field of surgery education. He is engaged in laparoscopic surgery training in collaboration with the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES) and teaches courses on Definitive Surgery in Trauma and Emergency Surgery in conjunction with the European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ESTES). Dr. Fingerhut’s expertise also extends to medical writing, in both French and English.

Dr. Fingerhut’s active involvement in numerous scientific associations is a testament to his dedication and contributions to the field of surgery. He has held prominent positions in various organizations, including past presidency roles in the EAES, ESTES, and the International Association for the Surgery of Trauma and Intensive Care(IASITC). Dr. Fingerhut has also served as the President of European Digestive Surgery and has been a member of several councils and committees within surgical associations globally.

In recognition of his significant contributions, Dr. Fingerhut has been granted honorary memberships in prestigious learned societies worldwide.

Dr. Abraham Fingerhut’s remarkable career and expertise in gastrointestinal surgery and minimally invasive procedures have established him as a respected figure in the global surgical community. His numerous positions, academic affiliations, prolific publications, and involvement in conferences and associations highlight his commitment to advancing surgical knowledge and improving patient care.


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