Prof. Ass. Dr. Nikollaq Kaçani

Prof. Ass. Dr. Nikollaq Kaçani, surgeon, and doctor of sciences, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the State University of Tirana in 1972. After graduation, he started specializing in Surgery, and after completing the specialization he was named surgeon at the Surgery Clinic. In 1984 he was elected assistant in the Department of Surgery. He continued his specialization in Paris, France, and perfected the specialization in surgery of the liver, biliary tract, and pancreas. In 1994 he received the academic title of Associate Professor of Surgery. In addition to professional work, he is also engaged in scientific publications, lecturing in symposiums, conferences, and congresses on the problems of surgery in the country and abroad. He has written several articles in the Bulletin of Medical Sciences and the Medical Journal.

Prof. Ass. Dr. Kaçani successfully leads surgical residents from all regions and from Kosova. He is a member of the International College of Surgery and of the European Society of Emergency and Trauma.


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