The Kosova College of Surgeons convened with surgeons from the diaspora on March 23 at Wirtschaftsclub Dusseldorf. This marked the inaugural meeting for establishing its branches in Europe, where an exceptional assembly of surgeons from the Albanian diaspora was present.

Leading the meeting was Prof. Dr. Rifat Latifi, President of the KCS. During the presentation on the College’s first 5 years and the forthcoming 5-year plan, he emphasized the collective effort required to attain our objectives for enhancing and progressing Albanian surgery.

The panel moderating the meeting included:

Prof. Dr. Rifat Latifi, Chairman of the KCS

Dr. Osman Zhuri, Vice President of the KCS

Dr. Ilir Hasani, Vice President of the KCS for North Macedonia

Dr. Valon Baraliu, Vice President of the KCS for Germany

Special guests graced the occasion with their greetings:

Mr. Lazim Destani, Founder of “Ecolog” (also the host)

Prof. Dr. Ilir Demiri, Minister of Health of North Macedonia

Mrs. Mirsada Voca, Consul of the Republic of Kosova in Dusseldorf

Prof. Dr. med. Gisbert Knichwitz, Member of the Board of the Chamber of Doctors of Germany, EVM Academy

A significant outcome of the meeting was the formation of a team tasked with preparing a comprehensive concept proposal for the organization of the Kosova College of Surgeons in Europe. The team comprises:

Dr. Agron Sadiku (President)

Members: Dr. Nobel Thaqi, Dr. Halil Krasniqi, Dr. Rilind Zenelaj, Dr. Sabrie Kastrati Lumi, Dr. Xhevat Lumi, Dr. Arian Mullahi, and Dr. Fatlum Aziri

Enthusiasm and a sense of fraternity characterized the entire event, with a collective resolve to overcome challenges and realize objectives. The attendees highlighted the significance of medical diplomacy, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of Albanian surgeons with colleagues and relevant organizations/institutions in their respective countries.


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