Asst. Prof. Faik Kafexholli

Asst. Prof. Faik Kafexholli was born in 1937, in the village of Bellanicë in Malisheva. He completed primary school in his hometown and secondary school in Prizren. Seeing that at that time there was a great need for teachers in that region, Dr. Kafexholli, registered the Normal School of Prizren. After finishing school, he was appointed a teacher in the village of Duhël, where he worked for three years. In 1962, he was expelled as an unsuitable cadre for the government and therefore moved to Macedonia.

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje in 1968, then started working as a doctor in Prizren. He returned to Kosova because there was a shortage of doctors. Due to this absence, Dr. Kafexholli also worked in Has and in other places. In 1974, he moved to the Surgery Clinic in Pristina, in the Department of Children’s Surgery. He finished his specialization in children’s surgery in 1978 in Belgrade. Then he returned to continue working in the children’s surgery department in Pristina until he retired in 2004.

Since 1974, he has been an Assistant in Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine in Pristina. It is worth noting that in the circumstances of the war in Kosova, in 1998-1999, Ass. Prof. Faik Kafexholli, went without hesitation to the operational area of ​​Llapi to help the residents of that area.

After a long work and with an incomparable humanitarian spirit, he passed away on September 21, 2020.


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