Cooperation Agreement between the Kosova College of Surgeons and the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”

The Kosova College of Surgeons signed a Cooperation Agreement with the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”, for the joint publication of the Scientific Journal “Kosova Journal of Surgery”.

The agreement which was signed by the Executive Director, Dr. Sadik Llullaku, and from the Rector of UP, Prof. Dr. Qerim Qerimi, states among other things that KCS and UP will work to increase the research work and the exchange of knowledge in the surgical disciplines and other fields of medicine in Kosova, the region and beyond, and to prepare the journal for application to be indexed on well-known international platforms such as Pubmed, Scopus, Web of Science, etc.

During the direct virtual connection from Ethiopia, the Chairman of the KCS and the Editor-in-Chief of the KJS, Prof. Dr. Rifat Latifi, sincerely thanking the UP Rector, Prof. Dr. Qerim Qerimi, for his willingness and that of his collaborators to raise the level of Kosovar science, stated:

“The beginning of the scientific cooperation between the KCS and the UP, as well as the joint publication of our surgical journal ‘Kosova Journal of Surgery’ is of extraordinary importance for the University of Pristina (my university), but also for the KCS , and de facto begins a new academic chapter becoming an important platform for clinical surgical scientists and others of our university, as well as of the entire region and beyond, but also of the basic sciences with which surgery shares so many elements among themselves.

Because without sound physiology we cannot have good surgical results, without strong and advanced pathology we cannot have advanced surgery, therefore all basic sciences now have a high-level publishing platform, a scientific journal of high academic and university level.

With this agreement, KCS is making another promise come true, that science is our priority and that we will no longer be in the sixth place from the bottom in the world with medical scientific publications”.


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