Dr. Adem Ademi

Dr. Adem Ademi was born on February 5, 1948, in Oshlan, Vushtrri. He completed the first four years of primary school in his hometown and the remaining years at “Meto Bajraktari” primary school. He finished high school in Mitrovica. He started the Faculty of General Medicine at the University of Skopje and continued his second year of studies at the University of Zagreb, where he completed his studies in 1973. After completing his studies, he worked as a General Physician at the “30 Korriku” Medical Center in Mitrovica. He continued his specialization in Surgery in Zagreb, where he completed it in 1979.

In 1981, he was appointed Chief of the Surgery department at Mitrovica Hospital where he worked until 1992, and then he was dismissed from his job by the violent Serbian regime. From1992, he worked in his own surgical practice “Avicena”, in which, until 1999, almost the majority of those mistreated, beaten, and injured by the Serbian police were treated. At the beginning of the war, Dr. Adem Ademi is assigned to the Shala area, namely to the improvised Military Hospital of Brigade 141 “Mehë Uka” in which soldiers from the Llapi area recovered. In 1997, when preparations began for military resistance against the Serbian occupier, Dr. Adem Ademi was one of the first ideators for the preparation of the Military Hospital. He gave ideas and opinions on how the hospital should function. He was one among many other patriotic doctors who founded the Military Hospital based in Bajgore, in a private house. Seeing the situation, Dr. Ademi proposed to others that the hospital expand and move away from the front line. During the years 1997-1999, the supply of medical equipment was made by Dr. Adem Ademi in cooperation with the “Mother Teresa” Humanitarian Association.

With the impossibility of moving around, the specialists did not always stay in the area of ​​Shala and after the beginning of the bombing, Dr. Adem Ademi remains in the mountains of the municipality of Zubin Potok, where he is kidnapped together with a group of intellectuals – 23 intellectuals of various profiles. Since April 19, 1999, he has been registered as missing.


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