Dr. Bajram Rexhepi

Dr. Bajram Rexhepi was an Albanian surgeon and politician from Kosova. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Pristina in 1979 and completed his post-graduate studies in Zagreb in 1985. He worked as a general surgeon and endoscopic specialist at the regional hospital of Mitrovica until 1990. After that, he became the Head of the shadow government in the city and was elected representative of Mitrovica in the Assembly of Kosova. During the 1999 war with Serbia, Rexhepi joined the Kosovo Liberation Army and spent three months in the mountains serving as a doctor in the operational area of ​​Shala.

After the war, Rexhepi served as the Chairman of the Municipal Council of Mitrovica and the Chairman of the southern part of the divided city, as well as the Head of the branch of the PDK organization in the city.

On March 4, 2002, after three months of talks and with the mediation of the then Chief Administrator of Kosova, Michael Steiner, the Assembly of Kosova elected Bajram Rexhepi as the first Prime Minister of Kosova and Ibrahim Rugova as president.

Rexhepi left politics in 2014 to continue his career as a surgeon. He died of cancer in a Turkish hospital.


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