Dr. Talat Pallaska

Dr. Talat Pallaska completed primary school in his hometown, while high school in Prishtina in 1951. He enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Belgrade, where he graduated in 1958. After completing the mandatory internship at the General Hospital in Prishtina, he was accepted in this institution in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology in 1959. He completed his last year of specialization in Belgrade, in the Clinic of Otorhinolaryngology and Cervical Surgery. He specialized in diseases of the ear, nose, and throat in 1964. In this year he returned to Pristina and was elected Head of the ENT department at the General Hospital.

For many years he led the department, educating young Albanian cadres about ear, nose, and throat diseases. Under his instructions, many Albanian doctors, not only from Kosova, specialized and practiced as specialists, not only in Kosova, but also abroad. In 1972, he was elected Director of the General Hospital in Pristina, where he received the title “Primarius” for his merits. Talat Pallaska was the instigator and activist of the opening of the Faculty of Medicine in Pristina, which began work in 1969. He was elected a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine in 1972. After two years, in 1974, he received the title of Docent in the subject of Otorhinolaryngology, after four years he was elected Adjunct Professor. After the scientific-educational work, he advanced and met the conditions to be elected a Professor.

He was Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Prishtina during the years 1972/74, while in the school year 1979/81 he held the office of Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Prishtina. For a long time, he was the Director of the Otorhinolaryngology Clinic and Head of the ENT Department. With the arrival of Serbian violent measures in the Faculty of Medicine in 1990, since he was a signatory of Appeal 215, Talat Pallaska was forced to resign from the position of Director of the ENT Clinic in Pristina. Later, in 1991, he was forcibly dismissed from his job by the Serbian occupiers, but even then, although under very difficult conditions, he worked as a teacher at the Faculty of Medicine. At that time lessons were held in private homes. He returned to the ENT Clinic in June 1999, as Chief of the operating department with the intensive care unit. Talat Pallaska retired in 2001. Even after retirement, he continued his collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine in Prishtina, until 2003. All the time Talat Pallaska was engaged in health, education, and science. Together with other colleagues, doctors and pedagogues, they were committed to creating the health infrastructure in Kosova, especially with the graduation of a large number of Albanian doctors, who work in Kosova and all over the world.

In 1977, at the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Talat Pallaska defended his doctoral thesis: “Pathological changes in the upper respiratory tract and the prevalence of chronic bronchitis in workers exposed at the workplace”. His dissertation was an original contribution to the medical literature. It was a valuable contribution to the physiological and clinical concept of the connection of the upper and lower respiratory tracts, especially the occurrence of obstructive lung disease. In 1994, for the students of the Faculty of Medicine in Pristina, he published the University text “Otorhinolaryngology”. As a co-author of the book participated, together with colleagues from Zagreb and Rijeka, in the publication of the university text “Otorinolaringology”, also a book in the Albanian language, dedicated to students not only in Kosova but also beyond. The reprint of this book was also made in 1990. He has published many papers in various professional and scientific journals in the field of otorhinolaryngology. More than 85 scientific works have been published in “Praxis medica”, in “Praxys medica Yugoslavica” and other printed publications in the form of a summary of works from material on the occasion of ENT congresses in Kosova, the former Yugoslavia, symposia, seminars, and gatherings other similar scientific In Pristina in 1988, he organized the thirteenth Congress of Otorhinolaryngologists in the former Yugoslavia. On this occasion, the entire material was published in three books translated into Albanian.

Dr. Talat Pallaska was the president of the Association of Doctors of Kosova. He was the Chairman of the Association of University Teachers of the former Yugoslavia. He was a member of the Editorial Board of the Scientific Journal “Sinopsia ORL Yugoslavica” and one of the colleagues who contributed to the organization of the journal “Praxis medica”, a member of the Editorial Board of which he was for a time. For the tireless work in raising the health level, in particular the otorhinolaryngology service in Kosova and beyond, the education of new staff in Health and Education, and the development of medical science in our lands and abroad, Talat Pallaska is the bearer of many decorations, acknowledgments, and great merits, and not only in our country. Pallaska is the pioneer and doyen of the field of Otorhinolaryngology in Kosova.


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