Kushtrim Shala, Dr. med.

Kushtrim Shala, Dr. med., was born in 1971 in Pristina, where he completed his primary and secondary education. From October 1989 to June 1992, he pursued studies in English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Pristina. Simultaneously, in October 1990, he enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine in Pristina and continued his studies until May 1992. In June 1992, due to political reasons, he emigrated to Germany. As an asylum seeker, he quickly found employment as an intern and later as a medical technician at the Maria Hilf hospital in Krefeld, near Düsseldorf. 

In 1997, he resumed his studies at the esteemed Faculty of Medicine at WWU in Münster. After completing his studies, he successfully defended his dissertation in November 2005 and received the prestigious title of Doctor of Medicine with the distinction of “suma cum laude” from WWU in Münster.

From July 2004 to September 2010, Dr. Shala worked as an Assistant and later as a specialist in General Surgery at the Raphaelsklinik in Münster. Subsequently, from October 2010 to November 2019, he served as the Chief Physician, Head of Department, and later, starting from 2016, as the Deputy Director of the Clinic of General and Abdominal Surgery with Proctology at Westmünsterland Klinik in Borken. During this period, he specialized in Abdominal Surgery, Special Abdominal Surgery, and Proctology.

Since December 2019, he has assumed the position of Leader and Director of the Clinic of General Abdominal Surgery with Proctology at St. Elisabeth-Hospital in Beckum. This hospital is one of the 15 clinics that are part of St. Franziskus Stiftung in Münster.

Dr. Shala has participated in over 11,500 different surgical interventions, with approximately 9,000 of them as the primary surgeon. He performs a wide range of surgeries, including those related to benign and malignant diseases of the thyroid gland, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, cecum, and various types of hernias. He utilizes different methods, with a particular emphasis on Minimally Invasive techniques, such as Laparoscopy. In the field of Proctology, Dr. Shala employs advanced modern laser methods to treat conditions like hemorrhoids, fistulas, and fissures.


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