Prof. Assoc. Qëndresë Daka, FEBO

Prof. Assoc. Qëndresë Daka, FEBO is a teacher at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Pristina and an ophthalmologist at the Eye Clinic, University Clinical Center of Kosova. She is a certified trainer for teaching in higher education by World Learning, a certified glaucoma specialist by the European Glaucoma Association, and has completed the European Ophthalmology exam and holds the title of Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology.

As an ophthalmologist and researcher, Prof. Daka has worked at: Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany; “La Sapienza” University in Rome, Italy; University of Ljubljana in Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Queen’s University Belfast in Belfast, United Kingdom. She is active in a number of national and international professional and research projects, and volunteer work in various organizations including: the Cochrane Eyes &Vision group, the EGS association, the ESCRS association, COST’s “Programming” project, Mentoring our Future, and the UNICEF program. She is the author of several scientific articles and books on glaucoma, and a presenter at international conferences.

Special point of Prof. Daka is her expertise in systematic reviews and protocol development, commitment to addressing inequality and diversity, and mentoring. For her contribution in 2022, she was honored with the “Next Generation Partners” award from EGS, the “Systematic review award” from ESCRS, and the “Teaching based on research” from MEST.

Prof. Daka is married and has two children. In his spare time, he prefers skiing, cycling, swimming and any outdoor activity with his family.


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