Prof. Dr. Gershon Volpin

Prof. Dr. Gershon Volpin, born on November 11, 1946, in Tiberia, Israel, is a renowned orthopedist whose impactful career spans several decades. In 1971, he earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the prestigious Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

In 1996 Dr. Volpin he was appointed as the Director of the Orthopedic Department at the esteemed Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya, Israel. As the Head of this Department, he led a team of dedicated medical professionals, imparting his vast knowledge, exemplary leadership, and compassionate approach to patient care.

Beyond his clinical contributions, Dr. Volpin played a crucial role in shaping the scientific discourse of orthopedics as a member of the Editorial Board of International Orthopaedics. Through this position, he shared valuable insights with the global medical community, leaving a lasting impact on the advancement of orthopedic medicine.

Marquis Who’s Who has recognized Gershon Volpin as a noteworthy orthopedist, and his achievements have earned him the esteemed Honorary Professor award from the University Skopje Macedonia in 2005.


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