Prof. Dr. Jashar Dula

Prof. Dr. Jashar Dula was born in 1938 in Gjakova. He completed primary and secondary school in Prizren. In September of 1961, he enrolled in the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade and graduated in February of 1966. After his graduation, he was employed at the Medical Center – Dental Service in Prizren, where he worked as a dentist for three years. In 1972, he completed his specialization and earned the title of specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade.

 After completing the specialization, he established the maxillofacial hospital service in Kosova. He was employed at the Medical Center in Gjakova, where he worked continuously for 10 years, as the first Maxillofacial Surgeon. Then he was selected as an Assistant, in the Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Surgery courses. He worked until his retirement as a specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery. In 1984, at the Faculty of Medicine in Prishtina, he received his doctorate with the dissertation “Characteristics of injuries of the maxillofacial sector acquired by domestic animals”. After his doctorate, he was promoted to a Docent for lecturing the subjects: Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery. In 1989 he earned the title of Associate Professor, while in 1996 he earned the title of full Professor of the relevant subjects where he lectured until his retirement. In 2005 and 2012, he was awarded recognition by the Association of Dentists of Kosova for his contribution to the development of Kosovar Dentistry.

After his retirement, starting in 2008 he worked as a full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine “Resonanca” in Pristina lecturing the relevant subjects. During his activity and academic career, despite the tireless work in the clinic and lecturing at the Faculty, he participated in national and international congresses and conferences with over 50 scientific papers.


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