Prof. Dr. Musa Haxhiu

Prof. Dr. Musa Haxhiu was born on March 15, 1939, in Peja. He completed primary school and high school in his hometown. He continued his university studies in Medicine in Belgrade, where he graduated in 1963. During the years 1964-1967, he worked at the “Ali Kelmendi” Hospital in Peja for the treatment of tuberculosis. He specialized in Belgrade in the branch of Lung Diseases, in 1968, and also completed his postgraduate studies in the same place in the field of Cardiology. These successes were followed by another success, when he was promoted to Doctor of Medical Sciences, in 1973, when he defended his Ph.D. thesis at the University of Zagreb. In this year, Dr. Musa Haxhiu continued his specialization and additional studies for 6 months at the Postgraduate Medical School in Great Britain, London.

During the years 1973-1975, he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Pristina. During the years 1975-1976, he stayed at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania University, USA. A year later he was invited to a powerful scientific center in Silikose-Forschungsisntitut der Bergau-Berufs-Genossenschaft, Bochum, RF, Germany. In 1982 he was invited to Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. A year later, he was appointed full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Pristina. In 1990, he was elected Chairman of the Acadamy of Science and Arts of Kosova. During these years, Prof. Dr. Haxhiu formed the Institute of Pathological Physiology. In this Institute, for the first time, surgeons, gastroenterologists, and specialists from other branches of Internal Medicine began experimental work.

During the years 1991-1992, he was dismissed from work, and although during this period Prof. Dr. Haxhiu lived and worked in Ohio, USA, he never stopped contributing to Kosova and supporting young scientists, who were enabled to complete their Doctorate theses in the USA. Prof. Dr. Musa is undoubtedly the most cited expert in the world scientific literature, not only among Albanian doctors but among European doctors too. He has published several university texts and over 400 papers, papers, and scientific lectures in all world-renowned journals.

Prof. Dr. Haxhiu died in 2007, and his generosity, knowledge, and intellectual skills are a great loss to all of the people who had the opportunity to work and interact with him.


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