Prof. Dr. Preveza Abrashi

Prof. Dr. Preveza Kelmendi Abrashi, Doctor, surgeon, Master of science. She was born on November 15, 1957, in Peja. She completed primary school and high school in Pristina. She enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine in Pristina, where she graduated in 1984 and received the title of Doctor of Medicine. In the same year, Dr. Abrashi was employed at the Regional Hospital in Mitrovica as Head of the Emergency Department. In 1988, she specialized in general surgery. She spent the last two years at the Clinical Center “Mladen Stojavonic” Zagreb, and Q.K.U in Nis, receiving the title – a specialist in general surgery. In 1991, she enrolled in post-diplomatic studies in Zagreb, where she completed the first year and continued the rest in Pristina. In 1999, she completed ultrasonography training at the French Military Hospital. In 2000, she participated in professional training in France – Q.K.U in Grenobel and Hospital Du Cochen, Paris. In 2001, she moved to the University Clinical Center in Pristina, in the Department of Abdominal Surgery and the Department of Laparoscopic and Emergency Surgery. Dr. Abrashi mastered in April 2007 with the topic: “Advantages of synthetic nets in abdominal wall hernias”. She is the author and co-author of many works and has been a member of many congresses and seminars organized in the country and abroad.


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