Prof. Dr. Sci. Riza Binishi

Prof. Dr. Sci. Riza Binishi was born in Gjakovë on October 26, 1938. He attended primary school in Gjakovë and high school in Pristina. In 1960 he began his studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, while in 1968 he began his specialist studies in the field of General Surgery in Pristina and finished them again in Belgrade.

After his studies, he returned to Gjakova as a general practitioner. Then, as a specialist in General Surgery, he worked at the General Hospital, today the University Clinical Center of Pristina. Over the years, he was elected Chief of the Department of Surgery at the Surgical Clinic. The academic career of Prof. Dr. Sci. Riza Binishi includes the position of Assistant, Professor, and finally, the position of Dean in the Faculty of Medicine, and as such he retired.

The commitment of Prof. Dr. Sci. Riza Binishit remains not only professional and scientific but expanded where it was most needed. As a highly experienced surgeon, he was called by the KLA (Kosova Liberation Army) to the Operative Zone of Drenica, precisely in the village of Likoc. Prof. Dr. Sci. Riza Binishi, despite his advanced age and poor health, remained in the Llap Operative Zone during the three months of the March-June 1999 bombings. Surgical operations performed by Dr. Binishi were developed in severe conditions such as improvised field hospitals and abandoned schools.

Prof. Dr. Sci. Riza Binishi died on February 26, 2011. He will always be remembered as a hero of war and peace in Kosova.


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