Prof. Dr. Ymer Aliu

Prof. Dr. Ymer Aliu was born in December 1954, in Presheva. He completed primary school and high school in his hometown. He began his studies at the Faculty of Medicine in the academic year 1973/1974, which he successfully completed in 1981. In 1983, he began working at the Surgery Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine in Pristina, and in the same year, he began specializing in General Surgery in Pristina, continuing the last year at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb.

From 1983 Dr. Ymer Aliu was abroad several times for the purpose of professional and scientific perfection. In 1986, he spent a month at the Clinic of Surgery of the Jagiellonian University, Poland, for perfection in Interventional Endoscopy. Then in the period 1988-1989, he stayed in Berlin, West Germany where he completed his sub-specialization in liver and pancreas surgery. After returning from the specialization, he continued working at the Surgery Clinic as a surgical specialist until the time when he was violently fired from his job by the then-Serbian government and continued his professional, humanitarian and patriotic activity. In 1990, he began holding exercises on the subject of surgery, while in 1994 he was selected as a regular Assistant at the Faculty of Prishtina in the parallel education in the Albanian language. In the meantime, he worked at the “Mother Teresa” Humanitarian Association in Pristina, and with a certain schedule, he also began to help the population of the Presheva Valley with occasional visits to the city of Presheva. With the initiative of Dr. Ali, a polyclinic is opened in the city of Presheva for the provision of surgical and gynecological services with doctors from Pristina, with the sole purpose of offering professional help to the population.

In the period 1998-1999, he was engaged as a specialist doctor in the war hospitals in Kosova, as part of the KLA, continuing to participate in the conflict in the Presheva Valley and in Macedonia, always giving an unsparing contribution to the surgeon’s duty. . With the end of the war, he was engaged in the UCCK, namely in the Hospital of Surgery as a specialist in General Surgery, being an indicator and influencer of many innovative processes. He was the main founder of the Laparoscopic Center at UCCK near the Surgery Clinic with a donation from the United Arab Emirates, where he started the first interventions in this field. In 2000, he defended his master’s thesis entitled “Surgical treatment of dilated veins of the lower limbs with the percutaneous method” at the Faculty of Medicine in Prishtina. In 2005, he defended his doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Medicine, Prishtina with the title “Early results of laparoscopic cholecystectomy in our material” with mentor Prof. Dr. Gazmend Shaqiri, a work to which he devoted himself with great zeal for 3 years. In addition, in 2001, Dr. Ymer Aliu was selected as the Director of the Surgery Clinic within the UCCK and in that mandate, he realizes the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery project, a project which still works today in collaboration with Italian experts from the “Regina Margarita” hospital of Turin, Italy. Among other things, he was also a pioneer of cardiac surgery for adults. He began to deal with scientific work since his student days and devoted himself to it until the moment he passed away. He has published over 27 scientific and professional papers in national and international scientific journals as author and co-author. He carried out his professional and scientific work with dedication and love until his early death in 2014.


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