Ymer Durmishi, MD, AFC, OMK

Ymer Durmishi, MD, AFC, OMK, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Prishtina. He completed his postgraduate studies at the University Hospital of Geneva in Switzerland, where he received the title of Specialist in General Surgery.

He was part of the abdominal surgery teams and liver, kidney, and pancreas transplants. For a long time, he was the creator and the person responsible for the application of Vacuum therapy for open abdomen in HUG. He is well versed in laparoscopic, semi-robotic, and robotic surgery.

Dr. Durmishi then continued his career in Geneva in thoracic, pediatric, and emergency surgery.

He is the author and co-author of scientific publications in medical journals in French and English. He has led several private hospitals with high responsibility. He currently continues his work as a surgeon in Prishtina and is also a consulting physician at the Department of Surgery at the University Hospital of Geneva. Dr. Durmishi is a member of the AFC in Paris.


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