Kosova College of Surgeons (KCS) aims to unify all practicing surgeons (including those in academic and public hospitals and institutions and those in private practice) across the country, residents of any surgical discipline, and medical students who will pursue surgery in the future.


Over the next five years the KCS will work very closely with international colleges and surgical associations/societies across the globe to foster relationship, in order to improve the leadership of the College, improve education, work on research projects collaboratively, and increase the quality of surgical care.


Membership in the Kosova College of Surgeons will become a highlight of one’s surgical carrier and an integral part of each surgeon’s profession. Whether they are still in training, or at the peak of their career, the KCS’s top priority is providing substantial value to the members’ at every step of their career.

There will be five categories of membership, that fulfill the conditions set by the bylaws of the college.

  • Fellow- Actively practicing surgeons
  • Associate Fellow- All residents and fellows
  • Retired surgeons- Surgeons who have stopped practicing surgery
  • Medical Students candidate – Medical students interested in any surgical field.
  • Honorable members of the KCS- Highly successful surgeons from around the world.

Each member will be inducted to the Kosova College of Surgeons at the opening ceremony of the Annual Clinical Congress.


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